We were founded with the best conscious to represent the brands, for that we offer services in buying processes and media planning with our analytic approach and our strong media relations with our nearly 15 years sector experience.

We are defining us as a rising generation boutique media agency that can produce value-added work results for brands with a plain, innovative, understandable approach.

We are an agency, which provides 360 degrees communication services, works result-oriented with strategic partnerships and brands, takes the pulse of changeable dynamics, and which have strong and confidental connections with dykes.

Our job is to find the fittest solutions for the changeable communication world and market dynamics and to bring customers together with the competitive prices and your brands, most correctly.

Our largest capital is our expertness and our service quality.


The conditions of advertising, market and communication are always changing. And we love this. As a boutique media planning agency, which provides premium service, continuously, we have to offer the best for the brands of our solution partners. We make successful work deductions by combining our marketing and brand strategies, web solutions and creative solutions with our creative media planning information and the information, which we get from them.